Advancing the quality of Sacramento Valley Wildlife Habitat

Promoting a Better Future

The California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation represents a commitment to the Sacramento Valley and all it has to offer—its rich ecology, strong agricultural communities, and exceptional wildlife habitat.

Who We Are

Putting our passion and knowledge to work turning rice fields into the surrogate wetlands that anchor the Flyway, the Foundation utilizes its experience to deliver real, quantifiable, community-based conservation practices—practices that combine agricultural and environmental expertise to strengthen an entire region.

By leveraging private philanthropy and public funding to bring rice growers, conservation groups, and industry partners together in highly innovative and cooperative efforts, the Foundation isn’t just advancing quality wildlife habitat, it’s building a community that:

  • Responds to increasing environmental challenges in California with adaptive, sustainable, and wildlife-friendly agronomic practices
  • Increases conservation opportunities on agricultural lands leveraging the farm community’s expertise in collaboration with conservation groups to implement projects of scale
  • Opens up new possibilities for creative conservation projects, making it possible to develop important strategies and programs that emphasize multiple-benefits for people, wildlife, and the land alike

Your donations at work

With our connections to funders, farmers, conservationists, and public leaders, the California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation is uniquely positioned to make consistent, effective, and collaborative work possible.

We’re uniquely positioned to see our Valley thrive. But, we can’t do this alone, it will take all of us

We invest 80% or more of your donations directly into valuable habitat projects.

Our Progress

Our efforts are critical. With limited natural resources and shifting environmental norms, it’s clear that the future of our Valley—of both its growing communities and its wildlife—depends on innovative and sustainable conservation practices. Our program has been working with private landowners to helped deliver habitat enhancement projects and this is our progress thus far:


Acres Enrolled


Completed Habitat Projects

How You Can Help

Developing and implementing these practices can’t be the work of one organization or one grower, one expert or one program. Join us!


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